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Our story!!!!

Trying to start from the begging of our initiation of our story of the handmade in general embroidery… I can only remember my first years of school!!!!

Having the memory when I was 5 years old when our school teacher gave as an assignment to try to make a face or a design and as a result …. You may also look it….

I was really thrilled! I believe by that day I realized that making embroidery would make me exciting, thrilled, fascinated by the all process of making embroidery and of course happy and fulfilled by the result of it!!

My first lesson in embroidery was cross stitch but first I was making only stamped designs. Me with my best friend at the time Kate were sitting through our vacation time and making mostly frames of images in country side! Passing through the years I had to leave it behind for finishing the college, but only after a wager that I had to put with my friend in my 20ys that in spite of me being a modern woman the handmade embroidery does not makes you any less modern and me finishing my 1st big tablecloth in cross stitch reminded me the thrust that I felt when I was 5 years old. And that was it!! I was totally fanatic even in cross stitch, so I decided to attend some seminars regarding how to make better embroidery and learn more (sewing and Knitting).

These lessons gave me the opportunity to experiment myself in all Kind of embroidery and of course realizing that the world of embroidery is so big and for that reason the chances to create something are endless so you don’t have to repeat any of the designs! All my creations are unique! I hope not to sound narcissist if I consider myself an artist.

In light of giving yourself another chance to appreciate a piece of art in your house by also having a use in your house I with my friend decided to create this shop for the people who would try to experience this…..

Come and have a look!!!!!

To be continued……